How the Glock will be the next magazine layout

In this article we’ll look at the upcoming Glock magazine layout and the upcoming magazine layout as a whole.The Glock was launched back in 2015, but the magazine is already set to launch in 2016.The magazine layout is expected to be much lighter and thinner than the current Glock lineup.The magazine layout was designed by

How Glocks Changed America

Glocks changed America, with one key difference: They were banned.The ban on the semiautomatic rifles was lifted in 1994, but a number of other restrictions remained in place.The latest restrictions include a ban on “assault weapons,” a term that includes semiauto assault weapons.But the biggest change has been that they can no longer be purchased.And

How to make your glock mags work for you

By MICHAEL SHARP Contributing WriterAt the beginning of the summer, the glock has become a favorite weapon of the right, and the media’s response to the growing popularity of the gun has been to promote the gun’s use by politicians.That’s because gun-rights activists love to argue that the guns are “the ultimate defensive tool” and