How to beat the DWS on DWS news: The new kids on the block

DWS has taken the internet by storm with the unveiling of its new digital magazine, Kids Magazine.The magazine, which launched in September, is a fresh take on the DWA brand.In a statement, DWS said the magazine would help it create more innovative content for kids, while also giving parents a better understanding of what their

Woman’s Day Magazine to be acquired by Al Jazeera News, with the title ‘Al Jazeera News will be part of our editorial team’

A woman’s magazine that covers politics, culture and the arts will be owned by the Al Jazeera network.The magazine will be the brainchild of Lulu Dutt, who has been editor of the popular weekly magazine for seven years.The move is expected to be announced by AlJazeera chief executive Mohamed Fahmy soon.Al Jazeera said the news

When you need to buy a class book

AUSTRALIA’S class-action lawsuit over the compulsory purchase of textbooks has been thrown out by the High Court, which said there was no evidence to suggest the plaintiffs were misled.The case was brought by the Australian Teachers Union and the Commonwealth Education Union against the Commonwealth Government, which has implemented the compulsory buy-in.AUSTRAC and TEU argued

New issue of Vogue magazine with photos from Vogue editor Anna Wintour cover story has published an article with photos of Anna WINTOUR, the editor-in-chief of Vulture magazine, which is owned by Vogue Inc. Vogue has released an official statement: We are very proud to announce that Vogue Magazine has published Anna WIntour’s cover story for Vulture.Anna’s cover article covers the life and times of V.F.C. founder, actress

Metal magazine rack hits ‘rock bottom’ after 12 years

Metal magazine racks are a favorite among heavy metal fans.The racks are decorated with images of iconic artists, metal gear, or just about anything else metal you can imagine.There’s a reason they’re so popular and popular, says Robyn Schmitt, the owner of Metal Magazine Rack, a custom metal magazine rack in the Los Angeles area.“Metal

How to get a good look at the girls in your life

Playgirl, Seventeen and Playboy magazines have all published articles about their female models, but the newest publication, a high-end fashion magazine called Glamour, is the first to feature models who are “pretty much the norm.”The Glamorous cover features models posing in their favorite outfits: a top-buttoned blazer, a blazer with a blouse that’s not even