How to Get a High School Curriculum and Get a Job

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about a new job we recently found at a high school, our favorite high school courses, and how to take advantage of them.Subscribe to The High School Nerd for more of our favorite podcast episodes!Show Notes: Intro: What is a Curricula?What are the most common Curriculums in

Woodworking magazine

2.A tree grows up to be a house.This story is from Woodworking Magazine, Issue 8, October 1999.A tree grows into a house and into a career.This is from the October 1999 issue of Woodworking.This is an image of a tree, the tree’s trunk and branches growing to form a house, according to the article.Woodworking Magazine

How to make the best and worst of your photos, and the truth about the ‘Best’ magazines

It’s time for another round of the best/worst of the magazines article How do the magazines I’m obsessed with (or hate) feel about each other? What are the most and least influential of the current best/most influential magazines? How do I rank them in the list below? I know I’m biased, but what do you think? And what’s your

How to keep your Instagram account safe without going crazy

When it comes to posting to Instagram, the best advice I can offer is to follow these simple rules and follow them everywhere.If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you’re probably already familiar with the Instagram rules, which essentially dictate that you shouldn’t post anything that you’d consider “controversial,” and shouldn’t even be tagged

When The End Comes: The Best and Worst Movies of 2016

The year has been an extraordinary one for cinema.We’ve seen the likes of The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Big Short, Interstellar, and the hugely-acclaimed Manchester by the Sea, all of which have sold millions of copies worldwide.There’s even a new cult classic film, Black Swan, about a swan named Emma.But there have been some really

InStyle magazine, the hottest new issue in the fashion industry

InStyle Magazine’s latest issue has got you talking, so much so that the magazine is having a special countdown, with all issues available to buy for just $2.99.The new issue includes exclusive content like a cover from the new fashion magazine, instyle, as well as articles from the likes of Billboard, Dazed, and many more.“It’s