When the world goes nuclear

Newsweek Magazine title When world goes to nuclear: A glimpse into the future article Newsweek magazine is interviewing a range of people, including a nuclear physicist, a sociologist, a former US ambassador, and a senior Israeli military officer.They’re exploring the future of the nuclear age, the consequences of a nuclear war, and the risks that

Japanese retailer launches ‘The Future of TV’ with ‘The Way You Live Now’

Slate Magazine is launching a series of books in Japan with a focus on the future of television.The new book, titled The Future of Television, is available in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.The books will be available in Japanese, Japanese-only, English-only and Japanese-exclusive editions, and each book will have a different cover

How to Find Your Perfect Magazine on Amazon

We’ve seen the world of magazine subscription boxes in print before.Amazon has its own subscription boxes for books, music, travel and more.The company offers the first online subscription box, and it was launched last year.But it’s still relatively new, and many of its products are still in beta.Amazon’s new magazine boxes have some of the