How to make a better game for women

The world of video games is full of sexist stereotypes and gendered stereotypes, according to a new study.

The study, commissioned by the women’s gaming industry, examined over 500 games and found the games were mostly about playing men, and that only 15 per cent of women were playable in their games.

The researchers, led by journalist Emily Black, say they were “surprised and disappointed” to find that just one in five women were able to make it through the games without a male character, despite women making up around 10 per cent for the majority of games published.

This is the first time a major game industry has attempted to address the issue of gender representation in gaming, which has seen games dominated by a male and female cast in the past.

The findings have come after the industry has faced criticism for having a very male-dominated industry, with only three female-led AAA studios currently in existence.

Despite the lack of female representation, Black believes the issue is only being talked about by women who are interested in games, because they feel the industry needs to tackle it.

“I think it’s really important that we acknowledge that this is a very important issue and it’s something that is very much on our minds and on the minds of many women who have played games,” Black said.

“But I think that’s what we need to get at first: it’s not something that’s only on the women mind or on the men mind, but it’s also something that can be on the agenda of every game developer.”

The findings come as the gaming industry faces criticism for its lack of diversity, with a lack of representation in its workforce and a lack in representation in the games that are made.

“It’s a really difficult thing to do.

I think we all know that the men in the gaming community are doing some amazing work,” Black told Business Insider.”

This is not something we want to be the ones to say that women aren’t making it, and it is not a secret to anyone in the industry that we’re trying to make games that reflect what our communities are.”

We’re still trying to figure out how to get that message across.

But I think it makes sense that we should at least be addressing it in some way.

“The study also found that women’s characters were more likely to be playable in the male-driven games, and there was no evidence that female characters in the female-dominated games were more complex.

The team also found the majority were playable by people of color, with white people being more likely than any other group to play female characters.”

The male characters are also affected by this, but I think when it comes to diversity we’re not really as good at it as we could be.””

We’re not just talking about the female characters here.

The male characters are also affected by this, but I think when it comes to diversity we’re not really as good at it as we could be.”

So this is not only a problem that we have with female characters, but the fact that these games are also male-led games means that women are just not going to be as well represented in them.

“And there’s really a big gap when it come to women playing male-based games.”

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