Big Brother: “If I Could Change Everything” and “I’m Not Going Back” cover: The biggest news stories from the past month in media

Today, the big news stories of the month were big news.

The biggest stories of April were: The Big Brother 19 premiere aired on March 23, the first season of The Bachelor was renewed for a third season on March 30, The Big Bang Theory returned for a sixth season on April 5, and The Biggest Loser: The season finale aired on April 10.

The Big 3: The new season of Big Brother was announced in March and will premiere later this month.

In April, Big Brother 20 debuted.

The season premiered on April 1, and featured the return of The Big Show and the departure of Houseguests.

The second season of Superstore was announced April 2 and will debut on April 7.

The fourth season of Celebrity Big Brother, hosted by Chris Harrison, will premiere in April.

The new seasons of America’s Got Talent and The Voice aired on May 6 and 7 respectively.

In May, The Voice cast members reunited for a special reunion show.