The UK’s ‘uncomfortable’ ‘crazed’ journalists: A look at the world of ‘lifestyle’ magazine

The world’s top magazines are not immune from the “crazing” that can come from the same “crazy” people who publish them.

Read more In a new series of stories for the magazine, we’re looking at the “crazy minds” behind a handful of popular lifestyle titles.

These titles have been a staple in many people’s lives for decades, and now it’s the “next generation” of the magazines’ audience that is starting to get fed up with them.

In the next five years, the number of people who say they’ve stopped reading magazines will reach almost double that of the previous year, according to the Independent magazine.

In fact, the biggest drop in the number who stopped reading in the last five years was in the UK, which saw an increase of 1.2 million people.

But there is still an awful lot of money in the industry, so how does a business model that was once so profitable and successful become so out of control?

Read moreThe answer lies in the rise of the online “lifestyle” magazines, which allow anyone to sell a subscription or buy advertising.

Many of these magazines have been around for decades and have been praised for their creative, social and ethical bent, but with a new wave of magazines coming on the market, the future of this industry is looking increasingly bleak.

We spoke to the editors of some of the most popular lifestyle magazines to find out how they feel about the current state of their industry.Read more