Why is Tia Jones the only beauty queen to win a $5 million purse?

“She’s the only one,” one insider tells E!


“She can make it work.”

The reality TV star, 28, has earned a combined $5.2 million in prize money since 2009 for her role on the hit ABC series The Bachelor.

The money comes from a combination of a $2 million paycheck and $2.25 million in merchandise sales.

Jones won her first prize at this year’s Bachelorette, a $10,000 trip to Miami for her first trip abroad, and a trip to New York to compete for the title of Miss Teen USA.

Jones has also won $1 million for her appearance on “The View” and for winning a trip for her modeling career.

The reality star has since appeared on the ABC series “Bachelor in Paradise” and the reality TV show “Bacheloreta.”

She is currently filming her reality show “The Bachelorettes.”

In September, she was named Miss Teen America by the American Council on Education.

Jones is also set to star in the reality television show “Tia Jones and the Bachelors,” which premieres on ABC in May.

The Bachelor franchise is based on a reality show by ABC, which is owned by CBS.