Japanese retailer launches ‘The Future of TV’ with ‘The Way You Live Now’

Slate Magazine is launching a series of books in Japan with a focus on the future of television.

The new book, titled The Future of Television, is available in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The books will be available in Japanese, Japanese-only, English-only and Japanese-exclusive editions, and each book will have a different cover art, which Slate Magazine describes as “a unique take on the world of television.”

In addition to the titles of the new books, Slate Magazine will be releasing an audio version of the books and a special edition of the book that will be priced at US$12.50 and available for pre-order starting on May 10.

The audio version will include a soundtrack and two bonus stories from Slate Magazine’s editors, which will be released after the book’s release.

The book is also available in the United States and Canada and can be pre-ordered starting May 10 from Amazon.

Slate Magazine previously released an audio book of The Future Of Television in 2017, and the series continues to be translated into English.

Slate has previously collaborated with Japanese publishers and publishers from Japan have also recently been releasing audio books of The Way You Move Now, The Future is Now, and The Future Is Now, including a book by author, novelist and screenwriter Kazuya Hirano.