How to Stop Coughing During A Cough

If you’re feeling better, stop coughing and get a clean nose and mouth, according to Dr. Dwayne S. Dorn of the Mayo Clinic.

“The best way to prevent Cough Cough,” Dorn wrote in the February 2, 2016 issue of Medical News.


“You may also want to consider a cold or cough remedy, such as a cough booster, or a nasal spray,” he wrote.

If you don’t, “you may be able to feel better when you get back to work.”

The Cough-Cough Foundation is offering a free Cough Relief System that works by masking your coughs and relieving your symptoms.

It comes with a small mask, a nasal rinse, and a watery nasal rinse.

You can download the Cough Supplements System from the Crippling Cough Foundation website.

“For the most effective treatment, you may need to use a cold and/or cough solution twice daily for three days, as well as a nasal solution twice a day for three weeks,” Dope explained.

You may want to try a cold pack.

This article was originally published on March 9, 2016.