When the Sun shines on you: A guide to poetry magazine covers

The cover of TIME magazine has the word “Poetry” in red and gold on its front cover, but it also has a cover story on the latest bestsellers from poetry magazine.

The cover also has an illustration of a cat standing on a tree trunk.

This is a pretty rare cover.

RTE has a look at some of the best covers from the magazine, including one featuring a dog with a cat, which was featured in its December 2009 issue.

The cover story was by a French writer called Jean-Pierre Fils, whose books include “I Can’t Take You Out” and “The Girl with the Mirror Mirror”.

Fils was a member of the National Gallery of Art in Paris, and he wrote the cover story for TIME in 2006.

Fils said the cover featured him sitting in a car in Paris on a sunny day.

“It was a very windy day, and we were just in Paris and we stopped at a petrol station,” he said.

“We got out of the car and we sat on the grass and we took the cover of a magazine, a magazine I wrote about the National Galleries and a magazine that had an article on my book ‘The Girl With the Mirror.”

He said: ‘I can’t take you out of this picture.’

I thought ‘Oh, this is a great cover, this will sell lots of copies.’

“So I took the magazine out and put it on the table.

It was a huge success.”

The cover was inspired by a scene in the novel “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” when a girl visits a castle to look at the “mirror mirror” that shows her back at the castle.

Fels was also inspired by an image from a painting called “The Lady of the Manor” in which a man and his wife are sitting on a bench and the woman is staring at a tree.

Fills said he didn’t realise until a few years later that his photograph was on the cover, when he found out from a book that it had been featured in TIME magazine.

“The picture of the man and the wife sitting on the bench in the window was on a cover of Time Magazine,” he told RTE.

“They went through the whole process of the process of putting the cover up.

They had to ask me to take it down and it took me a while to get it up.”

I have always had a love of art, especially of photographs and pictures of landscapes.

“But I don’t know that I could do it.”

He said his photograph of the two men was taken when they were “still walking around” and he was sitting on an old bicycle, which he said he could see the woman looking at.

Fells said he was inspired to take a photograph of his wife while she was sitting by a tree because he thought “she was staring at the tree”.

“She was looking at me,” he recalled.

“I thought: ‘Well, I could see you’.”

“I could see her eyes and I was thinking: ‘She’s looking at you, too.

And so was I’.”

Fels said he thought his photograph would sell more copies than the cover.

“So it’s a bit of a success, but the success is a bit more than it should be,” he added.

Falls said his favourite cover is a photograph he took of himself and his family after a day of fishing, which will be featured on his cover of the magazine.

He said he takes the cover every day when he goes fishing in France, and the magazine “always sends me pictures of the people I catch”.

“It’s really funny, actually, because I don, at all times, take it out and it just sits there,” he laughed.

“A few years ago, I took it out to the sea and it was sitting there for a couple of days. I don