Android 4.2 Lollipop: Google-branded app launches to replace Google search

News of a Google-brand app launching to replace the Google search app comes after months of speculation that Google was planning to discontinue Google’s Android search service, saying the company would move to a new system.

The Google-powered “Google search” service will be discontinued for Google Play, a Google subsidiary that is not owned by Google but is instead managed by Google.

This is a change from Google’s previous statement that Google would not be going anywhere, but that was before a lawsuit between Google and Apple over search patents.

The new app, dubbed “Google Search: A Google-App for Android,” will replace Google Search, a free app that Google made available for Android 4 users in October, but which is now no longer available for download.

The app will launch in Google Play on April 15, according to Google, and it will be available in a number of other countries, including the United States.

The Google-owned company also has a mobile advertising network in the United Kingdom.

The announcement of the Google-app was made on Google’s blog.

The app will be the first in a Google Play-based version of Google Search.

Google is also planning to introduce a “Google-branded search” that will be integrated with the search bar in Android phones, which will be called Google Search:A Google-Packaged Search app will provide users with a search bar that is similar to the one in Google Search but will not be tied to Google.

The “Google” in the name of the app indicates that Google is planning to launch the new app in Google’s own Play Store.

Google’s Play store is now home to more than 2,400 apps, and Google announced the app in February 2017.

The move to create the app marks the latest development in Google efforts to become more of a service provider to consumers and developers.

Google also launched a mobile payments system in 2017 called Google Wallet.

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