How to Stop Having Your Dog Eat Your Cookies

A new survey suggests that if you are a cat lover, the answer is to stop eating your cookies.

The results of the survey by CatKind, a cat food company, suggest that most cat owners would prefer not to eat their cat’s cookies.

According to CatKind’s results, 62% of the people who answered “yes” to the question “Do you want to stop your cat eating cookies?” said that they did not want their cat to eat them, while 31% of those who answered yes said they would not.

The survey also found that about one-quarter of those surveyed were “frequent cat eaters.”

One in five respondents said they ate their cat cookies only once a month, while another in three said they had never eaten their cat cookie.

The study, conducted by Catkind in partnership with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, surveyed 3,600 cat owners from January through April 2016 and was based on an online survey.

In addition to a questionnaire, the researchers interviewed 1,000 cats in the United States and Canada, who answered questions about their cat eating habits.

“We’re not suggesting that cats are inherently bad people,” said CatKind CEO Paul Pecorelli.

“Our goal was to get an accurate picture of what cats eat, what their preferences are and what they think about cookies.”

In addition, the study also included a questionnaire about whether the cat ate the cookies before, during or after it was petted.

The data also revealed that most of the cat owners surveyed reported that they would buy the cat cookies at petting stations, while one-third of those owners said they were “unsure” whether their cat would buy them.

One in 10 owners said their cat ate their cookies on a weekly basis, while the other two percent said they did so on a monthly basis.


Pecorico, the survey was conducted online and was not representative of all cat owners.

But he said that the results were very interesting.

“This survey shows that there are people who think they can eat their cats’ cookies but don’t want to because they’re not a fan of cat foods,” he said.

“That’s a real shame, because cat owners are the only people who have the freedom to choose which foods to eat and they should have the same freedom to decide what foods they want to eat.”

For more pet food news, check out CatKind News and the new CatKind magazine, published every Wednesday by CatTown.

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