New Star magazine’s founder, founder’s wife sue over wrongful death

NEW YORK — A New York magazine founder and founder’s widow are suing each other over a $4 million wrongful death lawsuit they both filed against each other after the magazine’s publisher died.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday accused Ms. Zuzana Zeman, who died last year, of being a “predator” and her husband, John Zuzani, of “deliberately” withholding information from her about the death of their daughter, who was 15 when she died in 2011.

John Zuzanis has denied the allegations and has called the lawsuit “fabricated and a cynical attempt to defame me and my family.” 

The couple sued each other in April, alleging negligence in connection with their daughter’s death.

The suit filed by the couple said the lawsuit was “designed to further their personal financial gain” by defaming each other.

A spokeswoman for New York Magazine declined to comment.

John and Zuzanas son, Ryan Zuzananis, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.