InStyle magazine, the hottest new issue in the fashion industry

InStyle Magazine’s latest issue has got you talking, so much so that the magazine is having a special countdown, with all issues available to buy for just $2.99.

The new issue includes exclusive content like a cover from the new fashion magazine, instyle, as well as articles from the likes of Billboard, Dazed, and many more.

“It’s a great time to be a fashionista,” the magazine says.

“The best way to stay up-to-date is to shop with us.”

The countdown has now reached the end of the month and the best of the latest in style has been put on sale, starting at 6pm AEDT on Tuesday, April 20.

The best of what is currently available, as listed below, is as follows: InStyle’s latest cover in its cover story.

The magazine also has a special edition featuring the full-length feature film in the form of an exclusive interview with fashion designer and model Stella McCartney.

InStyle’s exclusive interview to Billboard Magazine.

A special InStyle feature film from Stella McCartney’s new film, Stella McCartney, which will be released on April 19.

A collection of fashion-related merchandise from InStyle.

New fashion-inspired packaging from the company.

A full-sized in-house collection of clothing by the designer.

A selection of limited edition InStyle pins.

The launch of a new online store,

The site is launching on Monday, April 18, and will be available to anyone on the web.

A limited edition in-store collection of InStyle products.

An InStyle exclusive interview and film featuring Stella McCartney featuring in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

The film will be made available to the public via YouTube and InStyle will be promoting the film on their YouTube channel.

Special InStyle video featuring Stella.

Lifetime membership to InStyle, which includes exclusive InStyle content.

InStyle offers a subscription model and a premium membership for $39.95 per month.

Discounts on select InStyle collections.

Fashion-themed merchandise, exclusive to InStyles online store.

Limited edition InStyly posters and pins, including in-person prints and more.

More InStyle articles and features, including the first look at the brand’s new clothing collection, the InStyle Spring collection and the InStyle Spring 2012 collection.

For more details about InStyle and its latest issues, check out the Instylish website.

Read more at InStyle

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