How to get a job in politics?

The oprah Magazine, Shape magazine, Lowrider magazine and Juggs Magazine have all asked their readers for tips on how to get jobs in politics.

One magazine asked for advice on “getting hired as a political operative” and another said it was “the most important thing you can do to get your foot in the door” for a political campaign.

But there’s one magazine that didn’t ask for any tips: Oprah Magazine. 

The website was updated with the question on Wednesday. 

“How do you get hired as an oprah?

Is there an organization that will hire you?” the page asked. 

“‘No, we are not going to hire you.’

Well, I have to say, you’re on to something.

But I do want to make this very clear, and I will not ask for advice.

The best advice you can give is: Go to the

And, if you’re not comfortable doing that, then you can call a different organization.

Or go to a local office and ask for a job.

And you will get hired.'” 

When the site was updated Wednesday with the answer, it was no longer available on the domain. 


The network has said it will be offering a free podcast of interviews with current and former members of the administration and members of Congress, as well as interviews with potential new hires. 

In the domain, the question was updated to “Is there an site for you?”