How to beat the DWS on DWS news: The new kids on the block

DWS has taken the internet by storm with the unveiling of its new digital magazine, Kids Magazine.

The magazine, which launched in September, is a fresh take on the DWA brand.

In a statement, DWS said the magazine would help it create more innovative content for kids, while also giving parents a better understanding of what their kids are reading and what they want to know about.

“We wanted Kids Magazine to provide a unique opportunity for parents to get to know their kids better and to be more involved with their lives, which is what parents want,” it said.

DWS also revealed that it had created a new digital platform for parents and kids.

A dedicated page on the site will let parents find their children’s favourite books and films.

It will also feature a dedicated section on DWP’s social media and media management services.

The digital magazine will also offer content and insights on what is happening with the Government’s welfare reform package, the DWP says.

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