How to buy a ‘safe’ iPhone with a new app that lets you unlock it

A brand-new app has just been launched that lets iPhone owners unlock their phones, even if they don’t have an Apple ID or passcode.

The new App Store app, called iPhone Unlock, has been developed by a company called TouchID, a company that helps consumers find and buy phones and accessories.

Apple has been slow to roll out new security features in its iOS software for years, and its devices can still be hacked and stolen.

Apple also allows third-party apps to offer a variety of services like unlocking your phone remotely or accessing your iCloud.

But TouchID has also come under fire for the way it handles unlocking.

In a new report published by the Wall Street Journal, two former TouchID engineers described how TouchID can be hacked.

The app is designed to scan your iPhone and unlock your phone using a secret code that can be obtained by tricking the iPhone’s camera, a method that would require a user to hack a nearby device.

TouchID allows iPhone owners to unlock their phone, even when they don.

That’s because the iPhone uses a unique fingerprint to uniquely identify a phone, and a user cannot change that.

TouchIDs are often used by criminals to get their hands on valuable data, but this new security feature is supposed to make it easier to unlock a phone without any hassle, and in fact, TouchID is supposed do so automatically.

The developers said the new app is a security tool that “seems to work.”

But it also has a privacy issue, because it allows the owner of a stolen iPhone to unlock the phone without having to give their fingerprint or passphrase to the app.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new AppStore app.

The Journal reported that the app was developed by an anonymous software developer called The Vault.

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