Woman’s Day Magazine to be acquired by Al Jazeera News, with the title ‘Al Jazeera News will be part of our editorial team’

A woman’s magazine that covers politics, culture and the arts will be owned by the Al Jazeera network.

The magazine will be the brainchild of Lulu Dutt, who has been editor of the popular weekly magazine for seven years.

The move is expected to be announced by AlJazeera chief executive Mohamed Fahmy soon.

Al Jazeera said the news was the result of an internal review after the publication of a series of stories in which Fahmy had alleged that the network was a front for the Islamic State (IS) group.

The network has long had ties to the Middle East and its outlets have been active in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle Eastern region.

The Al Jazeera channel is based in Dubai, but it has also been seen in the US and Australia.

Al Jazeera is also the home of several other well-known Arabic-language channels including Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera France.

Al Arabiya and Al Jazira Al Jazeera is owned by Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabia TV, which is owned jointly by Al Jaxa and Al Arabi TV.

Al Qaïda Al Jazeera’s Al Jazeera International (aka aljazeera.com) and the Arabic channel aljazeerby.com, both owned by Qatar, were also bought by Al Arabian in 2015 for $600m.

AlJazeer by AlQaïdah is the home to some of the most popular news and documentaries in the world.

Al-Jazeera has recently announced a partnership with CNN, which includes news, entertainment and sports programming, as well as Arabic language programming.

The news channel has also announced plans to open a news and culture channel in Qatar.

The US-based news network has also acquired Al Jazeera UK for $1bn.

Aljazeera has been criticized for not doing enough to combat terrorism.

A number of its journalists have been killed in Syria and Iraq, and some of its affiliates have been linked to terrorism.

Al jazeera has also faced criticism over its coverage of the war in Syria.

In October, a US court sentenced journalist Muhsin al-Jibouri to 25 years in prison for his reporting of the Syrian conflict.

Al Qaeda and IS Al Jazeera has been targeted by the US government for its coverage.

The Justice Department said in 2016 that it was investigating Al Jazeera for allegedly supporting the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS.

US authorities say that Al Jazeera was complicit in the publication by the network of false and inflammatory statements and for broadcasting material that encouraged or supported terrorism.

In August, a federal judge in New York ordered Al Jazeera to pay $100m to the families of the journalists who were killed in a 2013 airstrike in Syria by US special forces.