Magazine warehouse warehouse in Brisbane closed to visitors

An ABC investigation has revealed the magazine warehouse in Queensland’s west is now closed to all but a select group of visitors.

Key points:The warehouse is home to magazines and news websites that were previously run out of the Brisbane News & Media Centre in Brisbane’s CBDThe warehouse has been shut to visitors for two months as the Queensland Government grapples with the coronavirus pandemicThe Queensland Government said it would reopen the warehouse for visitors later this month.

The Courier-Mail’s editorial team has been given the go-ahead to go inside the warehouse to cover the coronaviirus pandemics coverage.

“We’re not allowed in the warehouse but we’ve been able to visit the magazines, which are still going through their processes, and we’re going to go to the offices where they are manufacturing the new magazines,” Mr MacQuarrie said.

“The magazines have been made in Queensland and it’s going to be a good day to visit those magazines.”

In April, the Queensland government closed the Queensland News &amplification Centre in the CBD after a two-month shutdown, with all but one of its outlets closed.

Queensland Health Minister Mark Bailey said he wanted to ensure that the industry could remain in the state.

“We’ve been working hard with the industry in the last year to get a lot of our magazines in and we have the facilities that we need to make them and we’ll be able to do that once we reopen the Queensland Herald,” he said.

The Herald was shut down on April 15 for nearly three months after it was found to be in breach of the state’s coronaviruses quarantine regime.

Queenslanders were given a limited number of three-day supply of their favourite news magazines, including The Courier-Journal, Courier Mail and The Brisbane Mail.

But they were also given three days free to pick up and use the magazines from the Brisbane Post, which has been forced to shut down stores.

“They are still able to go in and they have access to the stores, so we’ve got them there,” Mr Bailey said.

He said Queenslanders could return to the Herald’s stores after the closure, but only if they paid a $3,000 fee.

“I don’t know what the fee will be, but if they want to come back to the store, they need to pay the $3 and we can put them back there,” he told the ABC.

The Queensland Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is facing a crisis in managing the spread of coronavides, with a coronaviral lockdown in the city of Brisbane, as well as a shortage of medical supplies.

The department is facing criticism for the lack of access to supplies in the area, including for vaccines.

Dr Richard Gulland, a GP with the Department of General Practitioners, said there was a lack of supply for coronavillosis vaccines, including the coronavalvirus vaccine.

“There’s no supply in Brisbane,” Dr Gullany said.

“(And) it’s not just about the supply side of things.

There’s a shortage in vaccines and other supplies, and that’s a really bad situation.”

Dr Gullall said that although the department was able to provide vaccines to the public, the department would be working to get to a point where it was able, for example, to supply them with the flu vaccine.

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