Why does the new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy take the world back to ‘Star Trek’?

Posted November 20, 2019 06:30:53The new ‘The Star Wars’ movie trilogy is bringing back the original trilogy, but that’s not all it brings.

It also takes the world, as seen in the new series, back to a galaxy far, far away, as the series’ director Rian Johnson says.

And the new trilogy is all about “a whole new universe,” Johnson told the Hollywood Reporter, which was released in conjunction with the new “Star Wars” series.

We’re going to be a whole new galaxy, and we’re going into a whole different place, so it’s going to feel like the old trilogy,” Johnson said.

The new trilogy also marks the first time that Johnson has directed an original series on the big screen.

And it comes as the movie industry is preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek.”

In the original series, “the crew of the USS Enterprise” were stranded on a planet where the only life they knew was a race of sentient cyborgs called the Borg.

In the new film, which stars Daisy Ridley and Zachary Quinto, the Borg were “alien creatures” that enslaved humans.

Johnson said the film’s storyline was inspired by a number of factors, including “The Matrix,” which the “Star War” trilogy was influenced by, and the idea that the Borg would “become extinct and then they would return.”

“We’re bringing the original cast back, and this is the first film where they’re all back.””

I think the thing that people are really excited about is, ‘Oh my god, this is going to last for five years,'” he said.

“We’re bringing the original cast back, and this is the first film where they’re all back.”

Johnson also said that “Star WARS: The Force Awakens” will be “a big part of the new films,” and that he was excited about the new footage.

Johnson has said that he hopes to release the film “soon” but said he would “absolutely” do “Star wars” with other “Star” characters, such as Rey and Kylo Ren.

He also mentioned that “Rogue One,” which is set to be released on December 16, 2019, will feature “big” names such as Harrison Ford, who plays Han Solo, and Anthony Daniels, who portrays Jyn Erso, the protagonist of the upcoming “Star Citizen” space sim game.