Cosmo’s cover story on ‘Elle’

Cosmo magazine is running a special cover story about “Elle” and its upcoming 20th anniversary.

The story will appear in the September issue of the magazine, which is scheduled to be released this fall.

The article will feature photographs and stories about the “Elles” of the world, according to a statement released by Cosmo.

The cover story is slated to appear in November and will be published by the magazine’s print edition, which will also be released.

Cosmo also revealed the story will be part of a series titled “Cosmo 20.”

“We are thrilled to be able to tell Elle’s story on this special cover, which marks a momentous milestone in the history of Cosmo,” said Cosmo editor in chief, Lisa Lacey.

“We hope that by bringing Elle to life in a special issue, this special anniversary edition will also inspire others to think about the power of photography and celebrate the beauty of the human spirit.”

Cosmo is also working on an “Elley” special issue for the 20th Anniversary, which Cosmo Executive Editor Jodi Riggs said will focus on Elle.

“It’s going to be a beautiful cover, and I’m excited to bring Elle back to the pages of Cosmogazine,” Riggs told Cosmo, referring to Cosmo Magazine’s new print edition.

“This special issue is going to celebrate the history and influence of the iconic ‘Elley’ character.

I can’t wait to see what you can do with the story.”

“Ellee” has been a staple of the “E!

News” series for nearly two decades.

Since its debut in 2009, the show has captured viewers’ imaginations and inspired countless memes.

The show’s first season aired in February 2018, with the final season premiering in July 2019.

Cosmoworld’s “Ellett” character, a young woman who wears an elan-like hat, was created by writer/creator Matt Fraction and featured a wide variety of characters including a girl named Elle and her father, who appeared to be in his late 30s.

Elle is described as “a sweet girl with a sweet heart.”

In the first season, Elle was also a fashion model.