New issue of Vogue magazine with photos from Vogue editor Anna Wintour cover story has published an article with photos of Anna WINTOUR, the editor-in-chief of Vulture magazine, which is owned by Vogue Inc. Vogue has released an official statement: We are very proud to announce that Vogue Magazine has published Anna WIntour’s cover story for Vulture.

Anna’s cover article covers the life and times of V.F.C. founder, actress and producer Anna Wints, who died last month.


F.C.’s goal is to inspire women everywhere, and the cover story is a powerful piece of that effort.

As V.S.N. editor, Anna has worked on and written about some of the most popular women’s magazines and fashion shows around the world, including Vogue Paris, Vogue Spain, V.V.A.L.E., Vogue Australia,, Vibe, VIBE, VIA, VIRIA, and Vogue New York. editor, Stephanie Ahern, is one of the founders of Vibe magazine and a former Vogue Editor in Chief.

We are deeply saddened to learn that Anna’s work on V.W. was no longer featured in the magazine, and we are working to secure a new publication.

We ask all readers to respect the privacy of Anna and all her family and friends, and to remain in their love and support for Anna.

Vulture and V.M.V., which owns V.E.C., V.L., and Vulture New York, are not responsible for any decisions made by Vulture Inc. Anna was honored as the inaugural editor-at-large of VE.

Magazine in 2013, and she continues to write for Vogue and

The cover story can be found here.

Anna is survived by her husband, Matt Wints; daughter, Olivia; and three sons.