Kids Magazine to bring ‘prevention’ and ‘survival’ magazines to the masses, along with a special issue about the dangers of ‘virus’

New kids magazines are coming to the public.

Victoria, the kids’ mag publisher, is bringing back its “survival” and “prevention” magazines.

“We are thrilled to bring these titles to our fans,” Victoria’s chief marketing officer, Kate McCaffrey, told reporters at the publisher’s annual press conference today.

McCaffrey said the goal of the new series was to bring a fresh look to “a timeless classic.”

“As a global brand, we believe that the stories in these magazines are important to our kids,” she said.

In 2017, the company bought “Survival” magazine from the US publisher Random House, which merged it with the “prevent” brand.

The move to bring back “survivor” magazines is the latest move by a global media company to rebrand itself.

Earlier this year, Viacom merged with Turner, which had previously been owned by News Corp. to form a combined entity called News Corp-Viacom, and the move has been welcomed by critics.

The company said it is “committed to taking the time to develop and bring to market an assortment of innovative, compelling, innovative, innovative magazines that capture the essence of the millennial generation,” according to a statement on the company’s website.

Viacoms “pre-eminent children’s magazine,” the “Crown Prince of Pre-Eminent” series, which debuted in 2005, has been revamped with new covers and content.

There will also be a new “Survivor and Survival” special issue on the publisher website in the coming months.