When will the Canadian flag fly at half mast in Ottawa?

It was not until a week before Remembrance Day that Ottawa became the first city in Canada to raise its national flag at half-mast.

On the first anniversary of the deadly Oct. 19 attack on Parliament Hill, city council voted to raise the flag from half mast.

A Canadian flag at full-mast is seen at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on Nov. 18, 2017. “

It’s a great thing to do, and we want our people to have the opportunity to celebrate it together.”

A Canadian flag at full-mast is seen at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on Nov. 18, 2017.

The flag was raised at half tide at Parliament Hill on Remembrance Sunday, November 17, 2017, as part of a campaign to mark Remembrance.

(Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)The city council has since followed suit, raising the flag at the end of the week and extending it until the end in 2021.

The decision has been met with support from the national public, who say it is a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives on Parliament Street that day.

“I think it’s a positive thing, and I think it shows the city is united and united in a way that I don’t think it ever has before,” said city councillor Chris Lewis.

“You know, the Canadian people did nothing to harm the parliamentarians,” he said, adding that the flag raises “the level of respect and understanding in the community.”

The move comes amid mounting public anger at the Ottawa police who broke up a protest against the attack, but many Canadians are now beginning to take it upon themselves to raise flags at halfmast.

“The flag of Canada is not only a symbol of unity and of unity across the nation, but it is also a symbol that we have stood united,” said councilor Michael Fenton, who supports raising the flags at full mast.

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