‘Gilligan’s Island’ writer says he’s still trying to make sense of the election

A new TV series from Gilligan’s island, starring writer and actor Justin Theroux and executive producer Andrew Singer, is expected to air later this year, with a third season set to follow.

The HBO drama, which was originally scheduled to air in 2019, has been pushed back to the next year, as is common for such series.

The new show will take place in the fictional town of Narragansett, where Gilligan and Singer’s father, former governor Robert Theroux, are the owners of a chain of businesses, the Narraganings.

They’re seen as being “a bit too liberal,” Singer told Entertainment Weekly.

Singer said he was also trying to figure out how to make “some sense” of the Trump presidency and how it might affect the country, especially since “there’s been a lot of violence and chaos and violence and hatred.”

Singer said the series, set to premiere in 2018, was still in “the early stages,” and that there’s “no plan for it to air” until at least “late summer.”

“We have to figure it out, because it’s not going to be for the rest of the year, it’s going to air at some point, so we have to be careful,” Singer said.

“I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to do it, and it’s very early in the process.

But we have a lot to figure through.”

“Gilligans Island” first premiered in 2014, and will take on new life in 2019.

The drama will also be the first TV series to air outside of Gilligans hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

The first season will focus on the Theroux family, who have run the Narraginansetts for nearly 200 years, since the town was founded in 1817.

It follows the lives of the family as they run the company.

Theroux has a recurring role as a doctor, while Singer has a supporting role.

The show will also feature an all-female cast.

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