Palestinian president says Israeli occupation is ‘torture’

By YEREM YEHUSHAH EditorThe following is a guest post by the Palestinian president of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Abbas.

Mahmoud Abbas: The Palestinian people’s resistance to occupation and the occupation’s aggression against the Palestinian people, its destruction of its lands and its humiliation is an ongoing struggle and one of the most pressing issues facing the Palestinian nation today.

The occupation has taken an aggressive, murderous and unjustified position against the Palestinians, with its occupation of our land, its oppression of our people and its military aggression against our land.

We call upon the international community to lift its occupation and its aggression against us.

The Israeli government has declared the establishment of a Palestinian state and has created a new reality in which the Zionist occupation is the only reality.

The Zionist occupation has invaded the Palestinian lands, including the land of the Palestinian National Authority, the territory of the Gaza Strip and the territory in the West bank.

The occupation has also occupied the occupied Palestinian territories of East Jerusalem and the Westbank, which are the capital of the occupied territories.

The Zionist occupation’s crimes against humanity are unparalleled.

The Israeli government claims that it wants to achieve a two-state solution, a concept that has no basis in reality, which will lead to the destruction of the state of Israel and the destruction, oppression and confiscation of Palestinian land and resources.

The government is also claiming that it is establishing a Palestinian city, but it is the occupation and aggression that have created a city and the city has no legal validity.

The situation of the Palestinians is in the midst of a historic crisis, which threatens the stability of the region and the world.

The Palestinians are facing a historic opportunity.

The situation is critical.

It is crucial that the international world lifts its occupation, its aggression and its colonialist policies.

The Palestinian people is facing an existential crisis.

The people are living in a country under occupation, under colonialist occupation, which is denying them their basic rights and freedoms, the rights of their own people, and the right to live and work in a land without any colonialist influence.

The Palestinian resistance to the occupation is not an occupation, but a struggle for our rights, our right to exist, our freedom and our right as a people to determine our own future.

We are facing an historic crisis that is a crisis of humanity and a crisis that must be confronted and that cannot be contained.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is a colonialist and racist conflict.

It has no solution and is not a solution.

It’s an occupation and an apartheid regime that has oppressed the Palestinians for decades.

The Jewish people has occupied the land that is now occupied by the Israelis.

The State of Israel has the right and the duty to defend itself and its people from any aggression, aggression by the Palestinians and aggression by Israel.

The Jewish state is the Jewish state and its right to self-defense and self-determination is absolute.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been a war of aggression and the international law of war has never permitted it.

The international community, the international courts, the International Criminal Court, the UN Security Council and the United Nations have not allowed this war of imperialism to continue.

The international community has failed to recognize and condemn the crimes of the Zionist regime and the Zionist Israeli regime.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the World Court, and other international courts have not recognized and condemned the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation.

The United Nations and the International Court of Justice have not condemned the Zionist regimes crimes against the people of Palestine and against the entire Palestinian people.

The UN has not condemned Israel’s crimes.

The EU has not recognized Israel’s illegal settlements.

The European Union has not adopted any resolution condemning Israel’s actions.

The U.S. has not endorsed any resolutions condemning Israel.

The American people have not endorsed or condemned Israel.

Israel has not been held accountable.

The world has not accepted Israel’s aggression and aggression.

The current situation is not sustainable, the current situation cannot be sustained and will not be sustained.

It will not solve the current crisis, but the current issue is one of Palestine, one of our right and one which must be addressed, resolved and addressed in a peaceful way.

The war is the war and it has no end.

We are facing the greatest challenge of our lives.

We face the greatest existential crisis in our lifetimes.

We must face it head on.

The war is a war, the occupation of the land is the occupying army, the Israeli army is the Israeli military, the illegal settlements are illegal settlements, and Israel is the state that controls the territories.

The conflict is the conflict and the struggle for Palestinian rights is the struggle to liberate Palestine.

The Palestinians are faced with a dilemma: they can continue to live in an occupation in the face of an armed resistance that refuses to go away.

They can continue living under occupation or they can fight for their right to be liberated, and fight for the liberation of the lands that