What women wear in 2017

Vogue Magazine has named what women wear at the beginning of 2017 as the year’s fashioniest.

The magazine said that women have been wearing more than ever before, and that this trend had seen a dramatic shift in style since the last time the magazine released its survey. 

Vogue’s 2017 “Style and Beauty” poll saw women wearing more of a range of colours, prints, fabrics and fabrics and patterns than ever, with women embracing a wider range of style styles. 

The magazine’s editors said that they had chosen the women they felt most comfortable with, and said that their editors would be releasing more of their own poll results to help women decide which styles to wear in the coming year. 

“In a year that is so often filled with so much noise and distraction, it is great to have a little space to explore our own style and to be reminded that we are beautiful and can have style,” Vogue’s editor, Anna Wintour, said. 

According to the magazine, a range from black and white to pink and gold and red has seen the most significant growth in the fashion industry, with new silhouettes being released every week. 

Men’s health Magazine also gave its readers a nod to what they were wearing in 2017.

It said that a large range of fabrics and accessories were appearing in its readers’ choices, with men and women using more of different types of fabrics to wear the year.

“What women are wearing is a great reflection of what we wear around the world, and it has given us the confidence to look our best,” Men’s Health Editor, Matt Smith, said in a statement. 

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