Trump campaign calls for ‘unlimited access’ to magazine printers

Breitbart News, via Breitbart News: “The Trump campaign has called for ‘unslotted access’ in magazines for printing, and the magazine industry says it will be a ‘complete victory’ for free speech if Trump appoints to head the Consumer Product Safety Commission a former Wall Street Journal reporter, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).”

“The NAM, the industry’s trade group, said in a statement that it will ‘defend the right to print whatever you want.’

The NSSF also said it will fight efforts to weaken free speech rights.

The National Shooting & Hunting Sports Foundation said it ‘will work with the White House and the President’s administration to make sure that this administration continues to defend the right for all Americans to exercise their First Amendment rights.'”

Trump’s Justice Department “would take the unprecedented step of removing the agency’s chief counsel, a former Republican lawmaker, from his post over his role in a case that sparked a legal fight over the legal authority to impose a gag order on the publication of articles critical of the Trump administration,” Breitbart News reported.

The news outlet quoted a White House official as saying that the decision is an example of the “lawlessness of some of the officials in this administration.”

“This is a case where the president has a law enforcement authority and a special prosecutor, and they have a problem,” the official said.

“They have to be held accountable.

And we’re not going to let this go.”

The White House has repeatedly said it is not investigating whether any Trump associates were influenced by the publication.

The New York Times reported that the Justice Department was investigating the issue and the White, House counsel, the assistant attorney general, and other top aides were being questioned about it.

“A Justice Department official said Tuesday that prosecutors are looking into the matter and are looking at possible violations of federal law and rules of conduct, including violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act,” the Times reported.

“The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

The Times reported, “Mr. Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to see the Justice Justice Department investigate the story, and he has made several attempts to enlist the Justice and State Departments as his go-to legal advisors.”

“There is no evidence that Mr. Trump is the subject of the investigation,” the New York Post reported.

In a statement, the White Senate said, “President Trump is not a subject of this investigation.

President Trump is fully cooperating with the inquiry.

He has always maintained his innocence and will defend himself vigorously in any legal process that results from this investigation.”

“The White House will continue to defend free speech and the press, including at the Supreme Court, and will fight any efforts to undermine that right,” the Whitehouse said.

The Associated Press reported that a Whitehouse aide said the President “has said he is not under investigation.”

The New Jersey Times reported the Justice Dept. is investigating a New Jersey newspaper, which said a former New Jersey State Trooper was fired from his job for publishing articles critical to Trump.

The paper reported the case was referred to the Justice Departmment’s Office of the Inspector General for an investigation.

A spokesman for the New Hampshire State Department of Justice said the agency is looking into an article published by a state newspaper, but did not elaborate. “

It has been brought to the attention of the Justice department and the Inspector general of the New Brunswick County Prosecutor’s office,” the paper reported.

A spokesman for the New Hampshire State Department of Justice said the agency is looking into an article published by a state newspaper, but did not elaborate.

The report said the department is investigating whether the paper’s publication violated New Hampshire’s Open Public Records Act.

The Times, The Wall Street, the AP, and The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that an attorney general in Pennsylvania said a Republican state senator was threatened with jail time and fines for publicly criticizing the Trump Administration over his handling of the healthcare crisis.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane said Monday that Rep. Bill Brady, R-New York, threatened to have his house searched after the Pennsylvania Democrat published a series of articles in a local newspaper that criticized the Trump Presidency.

The Journal News reported that Kane said the threats were made during an April 20 meeting in his office, but that she did not identify the person involved.

The reporter said the reporter also reported that he was called into Brady’s office on April 23 and told to go home because he was “going to be arrested.”

The paper quoted Kane as saying she was threatened, but declined to identify the reporter.

The Republican lawmaker also told the Journal News that he received a phone call from the Secret Service saying he could be in trouble for publishing a letter he wrote criticizing the President.

Brady was in Pennsylvania campaigning for Sen. Pat Toomey, R.-Pa., when the letter was published.

He was scheduled to be a speaker at the Republican National Convention on Saturday.

The letter was about healthcare

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