Poetry magazine to launch next year in collaboration with Sun

Magazine, the longest running poetry magazine in Australia, will be celebrating its 12th year in the next year with a launch of a new collection of poems by a range of poets including the legendary Poetry Prize-winning poet and journalist Robert M. Clark.

In a press release, Sun founder and CEO David A. Brown said the publication would feature a number of new poets and include a number chosen by the community for inclusion in the Poetry prize.

“Poetry Magazine is a place for Australians to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences in a variety of ways, and our community is always looking for more,” Mr Brown said.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Sun to launch a collection of poetry, curated by the Poets’ Alliance of Australia (PAA), and feature some of the most celebrated Australian poets of the last decade.”

The new collection, which is part of the publication’s ’20 years of poetry’ project, is to be released in March.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the life of our great poet Robert M Clark,” Mr Clark said.

Mr Clark, who has published six poetry collections and is a frequent contributor to Sun’s newsletter, said the Poet’s Alliance was a great group to work with.

“The Poetry Alliance of Australian Poets is a great organisation, it’s really a great community and it’s a great team of people, and they have a lot of fantastic people to work under,” he said.”[The Poet] Alliance of Poets really brings the community together and it really gives us an opportunity to have some fun and get people out of their comfort zone.”

I think it’s going to be a really great event for us.

“Mr Clark said the selection of poets was a testament to the diversity of the Australian literary scene.”

A lot of these poets have done some really extraordinary things, but some of them have been in the spotlight for a while,” he told News Corp. “The Poets Alliance of Australasia has been really helpful in making sure that there’s been some kind of consensus among the community on some of these artists that they are really good and really worthy of recognition.””

They’re just amazing writers, great poets, and that they’re not just people who’ve been doing poetry all their lives, they’re just people with extraordinary talent,” Mr Davidson added.

The collection will be accompanied by a number ‘poster themes’, which will reflect the diversity in Australian literature, Mr Clark told News Corporation.”

They are about recognising, celebrating, sharing and appreciating the best of Australian poetry and art, and also the challenges of our times,” he explained.

The new Poetry Magazine will be published in two parts: the first issue of the Poems’ Alliance, featuring poetry by some of Australia’s most celebrated writers, and the second issue of The Sun, the publication of the arts and culture magazine, which will be dedicated to poetry and the arts in general.

Mr Brown said there were a number new poems that were selected for inclusion.”

You have some great poets in there that are really going to reflect the changes in the arts scene, and some of our best poets are going to have a look at them and say, ‘Wow, that’s really good, I love that,'” Mr Brown explained.”

Others will have a more personal view of them and we’re going to bring some of those poems into the publication to show them to the community.

“Mr Brown also revealed the new Poet’ Alliance would be releasing a collection on Saturday, February 10, with the Sun and Poetry being the only venues to be announced at the time.”

This is going to happen on Saturday February 10,” he added.”

And that will be the PoET’S AFFAIR, which has been a wonderful experience for us, and a really interesting collaboration.

“For the first time in 25 years, we are going into the 21st century with a new PoET’, he said, adding the Poete’ is expected to feature on the cover of The New Yorker, as well as being featured in the Australian Museum’s new collection.”

As the Poeter’ Alliance has evolved, it has allowed us to create a collection that reflects the richness and diversity of Australian literature and arts,” Mr Wilson said.