Why I Love the Weird Magazine, Easy Rider Magazine, and Twisted Hillbilly Magazine

Posted November 06, 2018 08:07:08 I like the Weird magazine, which I think has a really unique, weird, weirdness to it.

And I think Easy Rider magazine is great for the hipster, who’s going to be looking to get into punk and hardcore and things like that.

But Twisted Hillbillies is a little bit more experimental, and a little more of a more literary magazine, and I really enjoy that.

The cover art, it’s like a surreal painting.

You can just feel it.

The art, that’s a really good thing.

It’s not just the cover art that’s good.

It makes the magazine a little easier to read.

It doesn’t take up the whole page, it takes up a lot of space.

It really brings out the atmosphere.

It has a sort of dreamy, abstract feel to it, like a dreamscape.

I love the weirdness.

I’m just glad that I’m getting to read that magazine.

It would be nice if it were on the web more often, and maybe I can even buy it in the bookstore.

I would buy it on Amazon.com, and then just take the magazine with me.

That would be cool.

You know, I could just take that with me wherever I go, and be able to get the magazines on the go.

And the way that they’re organized is so that they don’t just take up so much space, but I love that they’ve managed to do that.

I like that they give you a bit of a feel for the people that you’re going to meet, or where you’re coming from.

So I think that’s an important aspect.

It helps people know who they’re meeting, and it makes them feel comfortable.

And then you can take that magazine with you to wherever you go.

The weirdness is just something that you get to experience.

It kind of makes you want to stay there for awhile.

You feel like you’re on a different planet.

It feels like you’ve been out of your world for a while, like it’s really just something new.

So it’s a nice, weird kind of feeling.

I think it’s great.

It is what it is.

I hope they do more of these.

I mean, it was cool to see the cover artwork for this one, and how surreal it was.

And it’s just a great idea to do it.

So, yeah, I’d buy it.