What you need to know about the Glock 19 – magazine review

Posted October 05, 2018 08:15:38The Glock 19 is a compact, high-capacity magazine that was released in 2018.

The Glock 19 comes with a 13-round magazine, but the actual capacity is 13 rounds, which is much smaller than other popular handguns.

There are four different colors of Glock magazines, with the base-model having black, gold, red and white.

The 17-round variant comes with either silver or black.

The magazine is made of polymer, which means it’s very durable and will not rust.

The Glock 17 magazine has a 13 round capacity, but it has a much lower capacity than the Glock 17.

It can hold between 12 and 14 rounds, depending on the magazine type.

The 14-round model comes with an option for a 12-round or 13- or 14- round magazine.

The 13- round model can hold 13 rounds.

The 16-round, 19-round and 23-round Glock magazines are made of a synthetic polymer that will not corrode.

However, because of the high strength of the polymer, it will not perform as well as other polymer magazines.

The stainless steel of the Glock magazine is also made of stainless steel, so the magazine is very durable.

The 17- and 19- round Glock magazines have a maximum capacity of 13 and 17 rounds, respectively.

The 16- and 17- round models have a capacity of 12 and 13 rounds respectively.

The 22-round stainless steel Glock is the most commonly used gun magazine in the US.

It is also the most popular magazine for hunting.

The 22- and 23, 22- or 23- and 26-round versions are available.

The 23- or 26- round versions are made out of stainless stainless steel.

There are many variations of Glock.

Glock 19, for example, is made out a different polymer from the other two Glock magazines.

Glock 21, for the other one, is a different alloy from the Glock 22.

The pistol is also a little bit lighter than the other pistols, but they are not as compact.

For the Glock, the magazine release lever is located behind the trigger guard.

This allows the user to pull the magazine out of the magazine easily.

There is also an ambidextrous design, which allows for one hand operation.

The trigger guard also allows the trigger to be raised and lowered.

The gun has a double-stack magazine that holds 12 rounds.

The double- stack magazine is a little thicker than the standard Glock 17s.

It comes in two different colors, black and silver.

The magazine is attached to the slide with a magnetic attachment point.

There’s also a spring for the spring.

There doesn’t appear to be any lockup feature that can be disabled.

The slide and frame are made from polymer, but there is a plastic-reinforced polymer frame on the top.

There aren’t any grip markings on the frame.

The frame can also be used to hold a Glock 17 or 19.

The slide and slide catch are rubber, and the slide catch can be removed for cleaning.

There isn’t any plastic in the frame, so there’s no corrosion to the plastic.