What you need to know about the Stabbing at the Cinemas

By Staff ReporterIn the early hours of Saturday morning, a woman was killed and another was injured at the Ballymore Cinemas in Dublin.

The woman was stabbed several times and died on the floor of the cinema in the early hour of Saturday, before she could be taken to hospital.

The other person suffered serious injuries and was treated at the scene by a doctor.

No-one else was injured in the incident.

It happened at about 1.40am and was captured on CCTV by the operator of a CCTV system in the cinema.

The man who was allegedly the aggressor was arrested by gardaí shortly after the attack and is currently in custody.

The victim was identified as 50-year-old Michelle Murphy from Clonmel, County Galway.

Her friend, who is also a cinemas operator, told the Dublin Independent that they were going to the cinema to watch a film when the two came in together for drinks and began arguing.

She said: I was standing by the door and Michelle grabbed me by the back of my shirt and tried to punch me in the face.

I pushed her away and she just hit me again.

She went to her friend’s room, then came back to the lobby, where she said she had her phone out to call her parents.

She went to the back and grabbed the phone and the attacker put her down on the carpet.

She then said to me: ‘I’ll kill you and then I’ll kill my mum.’

The next thing I know, she’s stabbed me.

She grabbed her phone and called her mum and said: ‘Michelle, I need you to call me, I have to go to the hospital’.

Michelle’s mother then came into the room and said that she was on her way to the toilet and that she had to get in the ambulance.

She took the phone from her phone, which was still on her nightstand, and put it in her pocket.

She then told her that she would call her dad and she would go to her room.

Michelle’s father, who was also a cinema operator, went to help her.

He then called 999 and told the operator that his daughter was in a serious condition and that it would take a couple of hours for the ambulance to arrive.

He told the station that the attack was a ‘tragic and tragic situation’.

He said the attack left the two victims in a critical condition.

He added: We’re just trying to put things in perspective.

He told the Independent that his daughters are still in hospital and that he and his wife have lost their jobs.

A statement from the Dublin Ambulance Service said: An ambulance was called to the Blymore Cinema in Dublin at about 3.40pm on Saturday morning to report a woman who had been stabbed in the neck and chest and was in hospital.

A man who had allegedly been involved in the attack is being held in custody in a garda station in County Antrim.

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