How to make your glock mags work for you

By MICHAEL SHARP Contributing WriterAt the beginning of the summer, the glock has become a favorite weapon of the right, and the media’s response to the growing popularity of the gun has been to promote the gun’s use by politicians.

That’s because gun-rights activists love to argue that the guns are “the ultimate defensive tool” and that it’s not the use of a gun that makes a person a bad person, but instead the “law of the jungle.”

But the myth of the glocks’ ability to protect the innocent is just as bad.

It’s a lie.

The idea that gun violence can be prevented by “law enforcement” and “law abiding citizens” is nothing more than a form of paranoia and self-deception.

In reality, gun violence is not the result of law enforcement and law abiding citizens but of the criminal element who use guns to commit crimes.

If you’re an average citizen, you are not likely to be harmed by a gun.

In fact, the very idea that the only people who are capable of using guns to stop crime are “law-abiding” people is a complete fabrication.

The fact is, you have the power to stop a mass shooting.

The only thing you have to do to stop the shooter is to put yourself in the shooter’s shoes.

You can’t prevent a mass shooter.

You can, however, prevent an act of violence.

That act of physical violence can make the lives of innocent people more difficult.

This is because violence is inherently indiscriminate, indiscriminate in its effects.

As a result, it has the potential to cause a great deal of harm, and because the world is chaotic and chaotic things can happen that are not predictable.

That means that it is possible for some acts of violence to be predictable.

The simplest example of a predictable act of crime is a crime committed by a mentally ill person.

In such a case, a person with a mental illness is much more likely to act violently.

As with a criminal act, the more violent the act, so is the likelihood of it being caught on camera.

The act of violent violence can also be influenced by the victim’s past behavior, as the person who commits the crime may have been bullied or subjected to verbal or physical abuse.

The same is true when it comes to violent crime, which can be influenced in the same way.

When we talk about mass shootings, we’re talking about a person who is either mentally ill, who is armed with a weapon, or who has committed a criminal assault.

If the act of mass violence is the result, of course, of a violent criminal act with no apparent reason other than an underlying mental illness, it’s difficult to say whether the act was committed by the person with the mental illness or someone with a firearm.

But if the act is the product of a mental health condition or a firearm, then the mental health problem or the firearm is what makes the act a mass murder.

It has nothing to do with the person, or anything to do for them.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Titanic,” then you know what a tragedy a mass killing is.

The film tells the story of a group of passengers that are separated from their ship by a large iceberg, and then the iceberg breaks, spilling them into the sea.

The passengers are all killed and only one remains alive.

The one survivor, Thomas, becomes determined to save others from his group.

The tragedy of the movie comes from the fact that he is also the only person who was able to save himself and his crew.

He has no choice but to kill.

The question is, is Thomas a psychopath?

The answer is no.

He’s just a human being, and he’s not a monster.

He may have a mental disorder, but he’s human.

The story of the Titanic illustrates this point very well.

The movie tells us that after the iceberg break, the crew of the stricken ship, consisting of a captain and his first mate, are separated and unable to reach their families.

The captain asks the first mate to keep a lookout for a shipmate that may be able to help them.

The crew member that the captain asked to keep watch is named Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus had a mental problem and was obsessed with the idea of finding the lost city of Atlantis.

As the story goes, Columbus was so obsessed with this idea that he believed the island was inhabited by other, living beings.

After a failed attempt to land on the island, the captain ordered the crew to take the passengers and their crew aboard his ship and sail for the Atlantic Ocean.

The ship sailed, but the passengers on board were killed in the attempt.

When Columbus realized that his ship had been lost and his men were dead, he decided to find Atlantis.

The story of “Titans” is very similar.

Columbus was a self-professed psychopath, but his ship was in fact empty, and his shipmates were dead.

As an example of what happens

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