Cricket magazine: Why you should buy the book and how to get started

Cricket magazine, the cricket bible, is now available in a new hardcover edition for just $5.99 from your favorite bookseller.

The hardcover contains an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at cricket, with exclusive interviews with the book’s authors and contributors, and a collection of photographs of the book itself.

The cover image is a recreation of the cover of Cricket, with the words “Cricket Magazine” printed on the front.

The title is reproduced below:Cricketer magazine is published by W. W. Norton and Company. 

The Hardcover Edition is available now on

A preview of the Hardcover edition:Cricinfo A special bonus content on the book is a full-colour photograph of a young cricket player, showing the cover image of the Cricket Magazine cover.

The image, by Mark McCallum, is one of the more popular shots of the magazine’s cover in the series, and is available on the Cricket-themed website for $4.99.

The book also includes a “Cricideword” guide, which is not available on any other book, to help you identify a cricket-related phrase in the book.

A new page in the “Crc” section of the cricket book allows you to search for a cricket phrase with a specific cricket word in the title.

CriciInfo is a brand-new feature on CricketWorld, an interactive site for fans of the sport, which will feature cricket trivia and analysis, and will also feature the latest news and events in the sport.

This is Cricket’s 10th book.

More from Cricketer magazine: Crickets Illustrated: A history of cricket magazine, featuring cricket writers, editors and contributors.

ESPNcricinfo: Cricket’s 100 best players, their career arcs and the latest cricket stats.

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