Why the Harry Styles photo is so great

I had no idea how many photos I’d actually see.

It would have been impossible to know exactly what the magazine’s staff would think of Harry Styles, who I’d never seen before in person, and was only ever vaguely aware of his celebrity status.

But the photos are incredible.

Harry Styles has made me laugh, cry, and make friends.

You can see why this magazine is known as the best in the world.

But I don’t think it was as much of a shock to find out Harry Styles was an American actor and a fashion photographer.

The photos were taken during his final year of high school.

It’s the sort of thing you’d think someone from America would want to show off.

But then again, Harry Styles never really showed up.

He never lived up to the name and image.

And now, after being interviewed for this magazine, he’s made me feel more comfortable with him.

What’s your favorite Harry Styles image?