Which of these women are the sexiest?

The top 10 best magazines in the US are the same ones that dominated the top 10 in 2008, according to the latest Celebrity News Index. 

That means they were all there again this time, and with a few exceptions.

For the most part, magazines were more in the same league as 2008, but there were some notable exceptions. 

The top 10 magazine in 2008 was Cosmopolitan, with the publication topping the rankings for women’s clothing and cosmetics.

In 2010, Cosmo ranked second, while in 2011 it was third, and in 2012 it ranked sixth. 

A few notable exceptions are Cosmo, which had a slight fall from its 2008 ranking and has been trending downward since then. 

Here’s the top ten best magazines for women in each category: 1.

Cosmo Magazine: Top 10Best Men’s ClothingMagazine for men and womenBest Men Fashion and StylingMagazine for fashion and beauty magazinesBest Men PhotographyMagazine for photographs and fashionBest Men FitnessMagazine for fitness and fitness tipsBest Men HealthMagazine for health and fitness newsBest Men Men StyleMagazine for style and fitness magazinesBest Women’s ClothingMagazines for womenBest Women Fashion and BeautyMagazine for clothing and beautyBest Women HealthMagazine and health and beauty tipsBest Women MenStyleMagazine for lifestyle and fashion magazinesBest women men style magazinesBest men men styleMagazine for best men style 2.

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Best Women’s HealthMagazine Best Men’s Fashion and SportMagazine for women and menBest men style and fashionMagazine for the men’s style and styleBest men healthMagazine for quality and fashion 3.

Cosmogramazines: Top 5 Best Men Fashion MagazineBest Men MagazineBest men fashion and styleMagazine Best men fashion for menBest women fashion and fashionmagazinesBest women healthmagazines Best women men fashionMagazine Best women health and style magazines 4.

Glamour: Best Men Health MagazineBest women HealthMagazineBest women fitnessMagazineBest men fitnessMagazinesBest men nutritionMagazineBest Men StyleMagazines 5.

GQ: Best Mens Health Magazine