What’s next for the world’s oldest newspaper?

By DAVID BRENNANCNN November 9, 2018 12:37:09The world’s most iconic newspaper has been sold for £6.5 million.

The paper was founded in 1772 by Sir Isaac Newton and the paper is still in business today, with the Guardian publishing more than 400 newspapers in more than 40 countries.

The sale of the newspaper came as the country prepares for the centenary of the publication of the Declaration of Independence, which was published in the US in July.

The Guardian, which will continue as the world leading newspaper, is a global institution with more than 2.3 billion readers.

It was founded by the late Sir Isaac, who died in 1865.

It is now owned by News Corp, the owner of the US newspaper News Corporation.

Sir Isaac’s son and heir, Sir Arthur, is the current publisher of the Guardian.

The papers main owner is News Corp which has bought the company for £3.8 billion.

The Times of London is the only other British-owned newspaper, which is owned by the owner’s sister, the Times.

The British newspapers are owned by an array of governments including Britain’s Government, the French state, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Italy.