How to get your kids to buy a Tesla in the US

How to find a Tesla and then get your children to buy one.

It’s a tricky challenge.

When we first started, we thought it would be easy.

But in the last couple of years, the price of a Tesla Model S and Model X have skyrocketed, making it more expensive to buy.

Tesla’s stock is currently worth $3.1 billion.

To get a Tesla, you’ll have to buy the car, then buy the software, and finally the car itself.

You’ll need a car warranty that covers all the upgrades, including a software update, a battery replacement, and a battery backup.

If you get the software update and battery backup, you can go on vacation to a Tesla.

The Tesla Model X costs $85,000.

In the US, you’re not supposed to go on vacations.

You can go for a short trip to a friend’s house, but that’s not allowed unless the friend agrees to buy you a Tesla for a month.

Tesla has said you can only do that with a friend or relative who is willing to buy your car.

Once you buy the Tesla, the car has a lifetime warranty, so you’ll get your money back when you buy a new one.