How to get a good look at the girls in your life

Playgirl, Seventeen and Playboy magazines have all published articles about their female models, but the newest publication, a high-end fashion magazine called Glamour, is the first to feature models who are “pretty much the norm.”

The Glamorous cover features models posing in their favorite outfits: a top-buttoned blazer, a blazer with a blouse that’s not even a blaze, a long-sleeved white dress, a jacket with a bow and bow-tie, a crop top, and, for a model with a longer, higher ponytail, a bra that is the exact same as a bra in a lingerie store.

The models in Glamor aren’t all from the top, either: the cover shows models in a range of outfits from supermodels to model trainees, and a couple of models even sported “fashionably short” hair.

The magazine is one of the few publications to have a focus on models in the United States, and the Glamory cover features one of them, who’s from New Jersey.

The cover also features a picture of a woman dressed in a red and black gown that reads, “It’s time to get naked.”

Glamore also features interviews with models and models themselves.

“I was a really shy kid growing up, and I was always worried about my looks,” says model and model trainee Marisa, who is 19.

“When I first met my boyfriend at school, I told him I was shy.

He was so supportive, and we started dating.

I didn’t want to tell him I’m super hot, but I was kind of intimidated by him.

When he found out I was super hot and I could do it, he was really happy.”

She’s still shy, but it’s more fun now that she has a boyfriend who likes her and is encouraging her to be more confident.

“My biggest struggle is finding a way to be myself,” Marisa says.

“At first I was just shy, and it was hard to fit in with the girls.

Now I’m much more confident, and people know who I am and I feel less shy.”

Gampi’s mother, Marisa Pascual, is a teacher in New Jersey and she works as a teacher’s aide at a high school for Hispanic girls.

She says that although her daughter is super cute, her mother has to put up with a lot of bullying.

“They just make fun of my daughter, calling her ‘a freak’ and ‘a bad dancer’ or ‘a dumb kid.’

They talk a lot about her looks and how she looks like a freak.”

Gimbra, the Gampis’ oldest child, says that her mother is just trying to make her feel better about her body.

“Her mom is very strong and loves her daughter, but sometimes she has to say some things.

She’s been really good to me,” Gimbre says.

When she was younger, Gimbras mom used to tell her, “I know you have a beautiful body, but your body is not perfect.”

Gumpi says that she wants to be an actress someday, but she doesn’t know when that will be.

She wants to make a statement, and is currently taking modeling classes at a local high school.

“In this industry, I want to be like the next Lena Dunham, who will get more attention than the Kardashians,” Gumpie says.

The most important thing about Gampie’s Glamoire cover is that she looks beautiful, which is why it’s the first of its kind.

“It shows that it’s okay to be different, and that there’s a lot out there,” Gampile says.

Gimbile says that in the past, she was bullied and had to hide her body from people.

“Now, I just want to get more recognition,” she says.

She hopes that modeling will help her achieve that goal.

“Maybe it will get me a modeling job, but more importantly, it will make me feel better and it will show other girls that they don’t have to hide their bodies.”

Gammi is currently looking for a mentor to help her.

She also hopes that the cover will help other girls feel better by showing that modeling isn’t a competition.

Glamour is a magazine for women, so they shouldn’t be ashamed of who they want to look like, but they should be proud of their body.” Posted by  The Washington Times